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New for Pearl Knits in 2023

Over the holidays I received quite a few messages asking about the non-knitting things I've shared in social media.  If you've followed Pearl Knits for awhile you probably know that we cook mostly from scratch, grow whatever we can manage in the garden (however meagre), mill our own flour from whole grains and enjoy mending our clothes to extend their life.

in 2023 I'll be sharing snippets of knitting and non-knitting goings on here, as an alternative to the ever-changing social media platforms.  I'm a big fan of old ways  that make sense and this forum seems to hit the mark a little more closely.  Kind of like preferring an actual book over an e-reader, in a way. 

I hope you'll check back for posts that share recommendations for yarns and patterns, some excellent resources on knitting/crocheting, our favourite recipes, and adventures in the Rockies (or at least in the Bow Valley).  I welcome your suggestions for content, too!  Please email with any questions or ideas you have that we can work on together!


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